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The Sector of Agricultural Science and Technology is responsible for administering Teaching, Research and Extension, constituted and organized as provision General Rules and Normative Acts of the Higher Council of the University State of Ponta Grossa. This knowledge sector was established by resolution Univ. No 026 of 14 November 1990, and at the time was composed of Departments Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Agronomy and by Courses Civil Engineering, Bachelor of Data Processing and Agronomy. The Resolution Univ. No. 26 of December 29, 1992 changed the structure of the Sector of Agricultural Science and Technology, now gather Departments Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Soil Science and Agricultural Engineering, Plant and Plant Health, Science and Food Technology. And Courses Undergraduate Civil Engineering, Bachelor of Computer Science and Agronomy. The UNIV resolution. 15 September 30, 1993 created the Department of Materials Engineering.



Maria Salete M.G. Vaz


Curriculum lattes


Adilson luiz Chinelatto

Deputy director

Curriculum lattes

Setorial Collegiate

Direction of the sector

Maria Salete Marcon Gomes Vaz- Director

Adilson Luiz Chinelatto -Deputy Director

departmental managers

Rosane Falate (Head) e Frederico Guilherme de Paula Ferreira Ielo (Deputy Head) - Department of Informatics

Marcos Rogério Széliga (Head) e Giovana Kátie Wiecheteck (Deputy Head) - Department of Civil Engineering

Jeferson Zagonel (Head) e Maristella Dalla Pria (Deputy Head) - Department of Plant Science and Plant Health

Márcio Ferreira Húpalo (Head) e Adriane Bassani Sowek (Deputy Head) - Department of Materials Engineering

Ana Cláudia Barana (Head) e Deise Rosana Silva Simões (Deputy Head) - Department of Food Engineering

André Belmont Pereira (Head) Paulo Ferreira Carrilho (Deputy Head) - Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Engineering

Wilson Massamitu Furuya (Head) e Reginaldo Ferreira Barreiros (Deputy Head) - Department of Animal Science

coordinating graduation courses

Edilson Sebastião Roth Batista (Coordinator) e Sérgio Luiz Schulz (vice-coordenador) - Engenharia Civil

Frederico Guilherme de Paula Ferreira Ielo (Coordinator) e Diolete Marcante Lati Cerutti (vice Coordinator)- Engenharia de Software

Luciano José Senger (Coordinator) e Marcio Augusto de Souza (vice Coordinator) - Engenharia de Computação

Luiz Antonio Pinheiro (Coordinator) e Adriana Scoton Antonio Chinelatto (vice Coordinator) - Engenharia de Materiais

Marco Aurélio Praxedes (Coordinator) e Deise Rosana Silva Simões (vice Coordinator) - Engenharia de Alimentos

Marluce Gonçalves Cortez (Coordinator) e Silvana Ohse (vice Coordinator) - Agronomia

Valéria Rosseto Barriviera Furuya (Coordinator) e Victor Breno Pedrosa (vice Coordinator) - Zootecnia

Coordination graduate Stricto Senso

Rodrigo Rodrigues Matiello (Coordinator) e Eduardo Fávero Caires (vice Coordinator)- Mestrado e Doutorado em Agronomia

Alaine Margarete Guimarães (Coordinator) e José Carlos Ferreira da Rocha (vice Coordinator) - Mestrado em Computação Aplicada

Andre Luiz Moreira Carvalho (Coordinator) e Luís Antonio Pinheiro (vice Coordinator) - Mestrado em Engenharia e Ciências de Materiais

Maria Magdalena Ribas Doll(Coordinator) e Marcos Rogério Szeliga (vice Coordinator) - Mestrado em Engenharia Sanitária e Ambiental

Egon Schnitzler (Coordinator) - Mestrado e Doutorado em Ciência e Tecnologia de Alimentos

Wilson Massamitu Furuya (Coordinator) e Victor Breno Pedrosa (vice Coordinator) - Mestrado em Zootecnia

teacher representations

Eliane Dalva Godoy Danesi

Undergraduate courses

Food Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer engineering
Materials Engineering
Software Engineering
Animal Science

Postgraduate courses stricto sensu

Masters and PhD in Agronomy
Master of Applied Computing
Master of Engineering and Materials Sciences
Master in Environmental and Sanitary Engineering
Master's and Doctorate in Science and Food Technology
Master of Animal Science

Postgraduate courses Sensu Lato

Projects and Construction of Public Works technical Residency Program, will Distance Modality


Secretary: Marcia Kempa Pedroso

Fone: (42) 3220-3071 Fax: (42) 3220-3072

E-mail: scate@uepg.br